About Us



And It is being operated around the world. where Artists and every other person who wish to work and perform in front of camera or an audience,  can demonstrate their skills over the platform and display talents at world level.

On the other hand, when Film Directors, Movie makers, designers or every other person who is looking for talents or New faces near to them, can search out available characters on location, then cast accordingly, Even if person is far, he/she may contact and cast based on their requirements.

We have noticed many struggles of true talents reaching right place at right time,
and having hurdles in between them, hence this platform created.

In order to make safe and sound opportunities for every individual talents from any corner of the world.

Forward Stars Vision Statement

“Bringing out the true talents from every corner of the world and bring them at one place,
so everyone may get chance accordingly.”

Forward Stars Mission Statement

“Making a Safe and Sound Platform for every candidates around the globe,
who wish to shine and become a star.”